10 Jahre DMAX – Cross Media Campaign - mdesi9n
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10 Jahre DMAX – Cross Media Campaign

About This Project

I created the logo and the main artwork for the 10 Years of DMAX campaign.


Client: Discovery Communications
Creativ Team: Jan Leitz,
Manager OAP Discovery Communications Germany: Philipp Mahala
OAP Executive Discovery Communications Germany: Johanna Bickel
Marketing Executive Discovery Communications Germany: Eike Immisch
Production: ZWEI FREUNDE
Konzeption/Schnitt ZWEI FREUNDE: Lukas Keller
Schnitt ZWEI FREUNDE: Ines Fritsch
Projektmanagement ZWEI FREUNDE: Katja Wessling
Design & Animation: Aitor Benavent Cabañas, Marta Rumszauer

Branding, Graphic, Logo, Motion