Red Bull TV - Channel Design - mdesi9n
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Red Bull TV – Channel Design

About This Project

With the team of pedall + pedall GbR I had the opportunity to create this worldwide design for the unique and stunning channel Red Bull TV together with Andi Höss, the Red Bull in-house Creative Director.


Studio: Pedall & Pedall GbR
Creative Direction: Peter Pedall, Marko Pfann
Account Management: Marko Pfann, Tatjana Wegele
Design & Animation: Alex Matter, Marta Rumszauer,  Claus Pedall, An Ngoa, Michael Doofen, Peter Pedall, Alissa Pedall, Jörg Fuchs, Matthäus Wildauer, Marko Pfann
Brand Asset Development: Marta Rumszauer
Template Development & Coding: Aitor Benavent Cabañas, Peter Pedall
Print, Offline & Stationary: Alexander Giandomenico
Font Development: Jakob Runge


Company: Red Bull TV, Austria
Executive Creative Director: Andreas Höss
Art Direction: Simon Pictor, Benjamin Cuénod
Pace Integration: Daniel Mayer

Branding, Graphic, Motion