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ZDF Sport Redesign – Winter

About This Project

For about a year, I was working together with the media agency Alpenblick GmbH in Munich on this extensive program package for the German public broadcast channel „ZDF“. We created a new unique look for the four sport programs „das aktuelle Sportstudio“,  „Sport extra“, „Sport winter“ and „Sport winter extra“ with numerous jingles inside the package like „Sport aus aller Welt“, „Nachspiel“, „Kompakt“ and „Analyse“.
(Here you can watch the winter version of the compilation.)



Client: ZDF Marketing
Creative Direction: Holger Geisler
Design Direction: Holger Geisler, Jana Geisler
Design: Aitor Benavent Cabanas, Felix Wölky, Marta Rumszauer, Florian Jeworutzky
Animation: Aitor Benavent Cabanas, Felix Wölky, Marta Rumszauer, Korbinian Stöger, Jens Dobbers, Claus Pedall, Jonas Rauber
Director: Jacob Sutton
DOP: Dieter Deventer
Edit: Jochen Kraus, Igor Patalas
Compositing/Flame Artist: Sylvi Rößler, Manuel Voss
Colorist: Flo Wolf
Stadion Replacement/3D: Liga01, Christian Bumba
Project Management: Isabell Musiol, Stephanie Tietz
Producer: Thorsten Timm
Film Production: HelliVentures GmbH
Music/Sounddesign: Backes & Moslener Musikproduktion

Branding, Motion