Caterpillar Malaga 2018 - mdesi9n
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Caterpillar Malaga 2018

About This Project

The new show format for the client Caterpillar was developed by tisch13 GmbH in May 2018.
The setup for this trade show was in the Malaga Demonstration and Learning Center, a video projection on two big containers acting together with the new excavators of Caterpillar.


Client: Caterpillar
Studio: tisch13 GmbH
Creative Direction: Peter Pedall, Georg Dejung
Design and Animation: Marta Rumszauer, Alissa Pedall, Claus Pedall,
Edit: Marta Rumszauer
Project Management: Stefanie Anspach
Music/Sounddesign: Michael Meinl

Graphic, Motion